For Nyingma Buddhists and dzogchen practitioners who who want to advance their knowledge and practice of dzogchen, Open Mind is a book that guides the reader from the common preliminaries through to the highest practices of the Great Perfection—the direct crossing over and the achievement of the rainbow body.

Open Mind book

This book includes:

  • Lerab Lingpa’s The Vital Essence of Primordial Consciousness, which provides pith instructions on all the stages of the Great Perfection, which is the highest form of meditation and practice in the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Selected Essays on Old and New Views of the Secret Mantrayana, a collection of seven essays by two of Lerab Lingpa’s close disciples, Dharmasara and Jé Tsultrim Zangpo
  • Detailed, erudite explanations of the compatibility among the theories and practices of Great Perfection, Mahamudra (a parallel practice tradition found in other schools), and the Madhyamaka view
  • And much more!